Social Media: Blocking, Reporting Users, and Hiding Comments

Guidelines for Official Accounts

Senator Still’s office reserves the right to hide any social media comment posted by a user that:

  • Mentions the Senator’s personal life or family;
  • Promotes or advertises for a business or charitable organization;
  • Relates to a political campaign;
  • Directly asks the Senator a question (these comments will be hidden, and a staff member will reply and ask the commenter to reach out to the office directly); or
  • Contains personal information (home addresses, social security numbers, etc.).



Comments will be hidden and users will be blocked if:

  • The comment or other media such as gifs, pictures, or emojis associated with a comment uses inappropriate language or gestures, including but not limited to comments that are explicit or obscene, contain threats, incite violence or unlawful
    action, or use profanity;
  • The post contains spam (spam is described by the Senator’s office as copying and pasting mass messages on multiple pictures or posts). Bots (computer generated accounts) will also be blocked to reduce spam on social media accounts; or
  • The comment violates the terms of service of the platform to which it is posted.


However, comments that merely express disagreement with or negative sentiment toward the Senator’s political views, policy goals, or voting record will not be hidden unless they contain language or images that would otherwise be removed under the guidelines set forth above.


Note: Comments will not be edited by staff members, and comments on these platforms do not constitute a response by our staff. These guidelines may be modified at any time by the Senator’s Office.