For Election Integrity

It’s time to push back against Stacey Abrams and Democrats who want to change Georgia. As our new State Senator, Shawn will fight Stacey Abrams and the Biden Administration’s plans to weaken election security in Georgia. Election integrity requires that we eliminate unprotected, nighttime absentee ballot drop boxes, as well as require proper identification be shown for all voters.


The Income Tax

Shawn is a conservative who will support eliminating the Georgia income tax and replacing it with a conservative consumption. The Georgia Fair Tax will allow us to compete to bring new business and employers to Georgia.


“Defund The Police” Movement

As a father of three children, Shawn is deeply aware of the need to strengthen public safety in Metro Atlanta. Too many moms and dads in Metro Atlanta quietly worry each day as our kids leave for school, go with friends to play at the park, or even just to walk the neighborhood. Shawn will oppose liberals who want to defund police, and will work instead to support law enforcement.


Critical Race Theory

As our Senator, Shawn will fight to stop the culture war against families and taxpayers. He will work to stop government from expanding Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our schools.