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Proudly serving Georgia's 48th district (north Fulton, south Forsyth, and northwest Gwinnett)





305-B Coverdell Legislative Office Bldg.

Atlanta, GA 30334

It is a privilege to fight for you!

Welcome to my website! I’m Shawn Still, and I’m running for re-election to the Georgia State Senate for the 48th district. I believe our community is truly special and deserves a senator who is dedicated to working hard and delivering results.

I decided to run for office because I have achieved the American Dream and want to serve our country to help others achieve what I have. As the son of a single mother struggling to survive, to the owner of multiple companies, I am uniquely qualified to represent our community’s spirit of success and the building on accomplishments to take Georgia into a modern era.

I’m excited about the opportunity to work with the people of the 48th to create a brighter future for our community. Thank you for your support, and I hope to earn your vote!

All the best,

A Record of Results

During his first session, Shawn sponsored or co-sponsored 175 pieces of legislation. Governor Kemp signed 40 of them into law. Shawn hit the ground running for the citizens of Georgia and the 48th district. 

Shawn’s consistent voting record has drawn the attention of multiple conservative and business-oriented organizations who trust him to fight for good policy under the Gold Dome.

Championing Common Sense, Conservative Legislation to Protect our Rights

During his first session, Shawn championed the LEAF Act. It’s a simple bill designed to preempt the government from micromanaging the yard equipment people can and cannot use based on engine type. Such legislation would not be necessary if not for the radical woke agenda that is sweeping over our country, coming from coastal elites in California to tell Georgians what they can and cannot do.

Included in the new law is a preemption on the banning of gas stoves, which is the new crusade of Stacey Abrams and her coastal elite friends. They believe they have the authority to strip Americans of their freedom to choose the appliances they use in their own kitchens! Shawn disagrees and will never bow down to the woke agenda. 

local small business consultant

Let’s work together

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Greater Georgia names Shawn Still the 2023 Freshman Legislator of the Year

Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Georgia Senator Shawn Still

Shawn Still was chosen as Freshman Senator of the Year for his accomplishments by former U. S. Senator Kelly Loeffler’s organization, Greater Georgia.

“I love being your State Senator, and working tirelessly is made easy because of my passion for our United States of America, the great state of Georgia, and most importantly the wonderful and diverse people that make up our community,” Senator Still commented.  “Through hard work and dedication I am fortunate to be in a position to treat being your Senator as a full time job, and this shows in my performance. I will continue to deliver results for my constituents, and build on past accomplishments for you.”  

Senator Still values the contributions of the Indian community to the 48th district

The Indian community has become an increasingly important and influential demographic in Senate District 48, particularly in the areas of business, technology, and education. Senator Still has been an advocate for the Indian community, working to support their interests and ensure their voices are heard in the legislative process.

He has helped to create economic opportunities for Indian-owned businesses, and has been a strong supporter of education initiatives that benefit Indian students and families. Through his work, Senator Still has helped build strong relationships between the Indian community and other groups in the district, promoting unity and cooperation for the betterment of all residents.

Georgia Senator Shawn Still supports Gwinnett county's Indian community

Shawn is proud to be endorsed by...

GA Rep Leesa Hagan is pro-life
GA Rep Leesa Hagan is pro-life
GA Rep Leesa Hagan is pro-life
GA Rep Leesa Hagan is pro-life
GA Rep Leesa Hagan is pro-life